Individual Anger Management

This Individual Anger Management online training course is designed to describe the essentials of managing anger in an appropriate and constructive manner. This course was designed specifically for the work environment, but the core elements of this training can be applied when you are at home or on the road.

Asbestos Awareness

This Asbestos Awareness online training course was designed for construction workers. In this course, you will learn about asbestos and its uses, as well as its health hazards and methods of exposure control in the workplace. We also examine the health concerns and how to evaluate exposure to asbestos.

Effective Leadership

In this Effective Leadership online training course, you will have an opportunity to explore essential leadership skills. An effective leader knows how to mentor employees as they take on new projects and strive to grow professionally. This course will teach you the skills of effective leadership, how to motivate employees, overcoming negativity and how to coach employees.